The Eagles Come Home To Roost: MH370 Bigger News Than 8000 Veteran Suicides – Malaysian Flight More Newsworthy Than 8,000 Veteran Suicides

Sorry to seem to go against the grain her.  The plight of these dear souls is a mirror image of the experiences many returning service personnel receive  in the UK.  Many found themselves dumped on the scrap-heap in “good old blighty” and if not for the forming of a charity, Help for Heroes, many of these ex service personnel would have succumb to that scrap heap for life.   However the Government  – a people empowerer, is a Government the people deserve.  Not wishing to distract for one moment the magnitude of the destitution that veterans in America find themselves in, estimates of the Crown’s worth in the UK are upwards of £40,000,000,000,000.

America can immediately find billions for the Ukraine through the IMF (Infant Mortality Fund) and The World Bank.  Back to Veterans Today, America,since the 2nd WW has

wreaked havoc around the world.  Its Military has killed millions.  Its Government has destroyed untold millions of people’s lives with its overthrow of countries and their Governments through its various security cahoots the CIA(Criminals in Action) being first and foremost. Then we have the Financial Terrorists the Globalist Bankers who take over of countries by stealth to rob them of their greatest assets  – their people and their natural resources.   Then we have the oil oligarchy,  well we all know how that works.   Then we have Corporate America, Apple, Google, Amazon etc operating world-wide ,not contributing,distributing a country’s finances into off-shore tax havens.   Then we have Big Pharma ,”sustaining the sickness”, to quote 2012 The Big Picture, worldwide and robbing people and countries of their finances and resources to sustain the trillions of dollars of medication.  Then we have Congress and the House of Representatives bought and paid for by their Corporate Masters, subverting and twisting their lies into every country they set foot in.  Monsanto’s GMOs just happen to spring to mind.  Then they have the corporate news media peddling the lies and fantasies and nightmares through ABC,CNN,FOX, MSNBC etc and then we go to Hollywood another cause for celebration with its perverse glorification of murder and horror.

We’re sure there’s much more America in answerable for to the world community, we just can’t feel at the moment.

So yes we can see why many veterans find themselves in their situations.  That’s not to say however at RH we agree with it, in fact we find the whole scenario saddening.

Love and Blessings to everyone.

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