Fear – The Thursday Freestyle

I’m tired of living in fear

Forget it

It’s time to invite him in

And pour him a beer

Sit him down a the table

And stare

Right into his face

Before spraying him with mace

Like I said I’m tired

And I have to admit

My actions invited him here

But it’s now time to get inspired

His eyes still wet and red

I’ll push him to the floor

Looming above him

I’ll tell him I’m not a slave

Not anymore

But like I said

He’s here for a reason

So I’ll give him what he’s owed

To leave the reason unsettled

Would be nothing short of self treason

I’ll pay may dues

Give him what he came for

And then like bouncers say with a wry smile

I’ll escort him out the door

David Horn

2 thoughts on “Fear – The Thursday Freestyle

  1. Give him a beer, huh? LOL! Tara Brach (Radical Acceptance) talks about inviting our problems to sit down for a cup of tea and converse for awhile. I like how this softens our resistance.

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