Ian Duncan Smith Your Services Are No Longer Needed AKA We Don’t Need To Work

2012TheBigPicture.wordpress.com – We dont Need To Work.

We have been moulded into a race of slaves distracted by mod-cons like TV.

These guys really are a shinning light in the universe, we must  not say gals owing to Jimmy Saville – no really” folks” (only the pomms would understand).  This website, 2012 really is on the money as we say in dear old blighty.

We know it sounds complicated but really its simple, we tend to complicate matters, we are one and we return to the one.  It’s just that somehow along the way we get diverted.  The comming together is drawing near, the Globalist Bankers worst fear.

Honestly the Magic is near.

No more fear.  It  keeps you from your destiny which is love.

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