Tree + Train = Taxi + Talking – The Thursday Freestyle

People can be dicks

Isolated and insulated

Often other people

Don’t feature in their picks

But every now again

Everyone’s secret desire for human contact

Sneaks out before the conditioning can maintain

Helping, sharing and in fact

Just having a conversation

It’s beautiful for the soul and the brain

Take a cold Saturday night

A tree had fallen on the train line

Such was the wind’s might

Disappointed travelers  took on an annoyed tone

As for home they did pine

Words were spoken

People’s personal bubbles were broken

And suddenly five strangers

Were splitting a taxi those crafty travel arrangers

Questions and jokes

This lady and four blokes

Laughed all the way home

Not once resorting to Facebook

Or their phone

This wasn’t virtual, this talk was real

And you know, It was fun

All this interaction

And when this taxi was done

No one knew anyone’s name

Because it didn’t matter

Deep down we’re all the same

That tree on the line

Set up this chance meeting

It’s good to escape the techno chatter

And every now and again have a little natter

Even if the moments only fleeting

David Horn

Poem, Taxi, Strangers Talking, Leaving The Bubble

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