Don’t Obey Rules When You’re Young? You Grow Up To Be A Banker OR The System Challenged By Mini Cheddars

The Daily Mail – Boy, six suspended from school after taking a packet of Mini Cheddars in his lunch box has now been expelled as parents vented their outrage in the press.

This ongoing debacle represents all that is wrong with our education system in the UK.  The thought police in the guise of the headteacher Mr Meek could not tolerate any form of alternative – be it pupil or parent in the current indoctrination system.  An example has to be made, dare anymore free thinkers fail to comply with the system.  Of course we will never know the full  true story and a diet predominately made up of mini cheddars, scotch eggs and sausage rolls would be far from advisable if it’s true.  But even if this was the case Riley Pearson has still been failed by the education system for simply casting him out.

With the UK education system failing the pupils and the nation it is supposed to serve is it any wonder that the incident confirms what many already know?  The education system is self serving and it’s even failing the industrial system that helped establish it to make more efficient employees.  The children leave the education system indoctrinated but not educated – just look the levels of illiteracy and the absence of base skills in a growing amount of this country’s future.

A generation of children are being educated and indoctrinated to pass exams but not to pass life.

We couldn’t resist the headline, this was in the comments section of the article, by The – Commentator.

Love and Light

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